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seizing bitcoin and altcoins

Tomoko Discovery makes the process of seizing cryptocurrency and recording, authenticating, and preserving digital evidence in general fast, easy, and thorough. 

Imagine, you’re at the scene, you see the cryptocurrency wallet, and you’ve only got minutes to seize and confiscate the cryptocurrency funds such as bitcoin or Ethereum properly. Anywho holds the private key information can empty the wallet of its cryptocurrency if you don’t correctly transfer those funds into an authorized wallet immediately.

For law enforcement and federal agency officials and investigators, special precautions need to be taken when examining collecting, documenting, and preserving digital evidence.

Failure to do so may render the evidence unusable, inadmissible, or result in an incorrect conclusion. Fast, accurate, secure real-time evidence search and capture during on-scene triage is now possible with Tomoko Discovery’s desktop and webcam recorder.

Tomoko Discovery’s internal or/and external webcam acts as an independent witness to the evidence search, discovery, and seizure process onsite or online. Recorded search processes and evidence capture files are sealed with an SHA 256-bit cryptographic hash for security and preservation. 

With Tomoko Discovery you can:

  • Record Authorized Cryptocurrency Wallet Generation

  • Capture & Preserve Proper Seizure of Cryptocurrency Funds

  • Capture Transfer of Cryptocurrency Funds to Government Wallet

  • Authenticate Recorded Evidence Files using SHA 256 Cryptographic Hash

  • Use Desktop, Laptop, Tablet Webcam Recording

  • Choose Cloud or Offline Capture Storage

  • Search: Leverage an updated library of free 3rd party Cryptocurrency & Money-Laundering Intelligence Tools

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Use Tomoko Discovery's SHA256 desktop and webcam recording feature during the transfer of cryptocurrency from the suspect's wallet to your department controlled wallet.

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