sha256 evidence screen capture

Law enforcement friendly

As a pro-law enforcement organization, Tomoko Discovery develops secure, scalable, and robust cryptocurrency, blockchain, dark web, social media, and Internet evidence discovery and capture software and training programs domestically and internationally for:

  • Law Enforcement 

  • Federal Agencies

  • Intelligence Agencies

  • Reserve Banks

  • Software

We are trusted to solve the critical need to capture, record, preserve, and archive the seizure and transference of evidence in a digital form to meet court-admissible chain of custody standards. Developed by our highly experienced technology-driven team, our Tomoko Discovery software solutions are secure, scalable, and adaptable. 

Today’s criminals use cryptocurrency to fund, transact, and conduct crimes. Tomoko Discovery is a fast and easy tool to capture, record, authenticate, and preserve court-admissible evidence using an SHA 256 cryptographic hash.


Tomoko Discovery is mainly used in criminal cases involving:

  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

  • Seizing Cryptocurrency

  • Dark Web Investigations

  • Social Media Investigations

  • Clear Web Investigations in general


Tomoko Discovery makes the process of seizing, recording, authenticating, and preserving digital evidence fast, easy, and thorough. 

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Cryptocurrency Online Training

If you're searching for the simplest way to become skillful in Cryptocurrency Assets and, therefore, the newest monetary technology aspects, allow us to propel your investigative, analyst, or intelligence career to the next level and distinguish yourself from everybody else.