Software Features
Clear Web / Dark Web / Cryptocurrency

Software Features

Capture Evidence 

  • Collect Metadata, Source Code and other Items

Authenticate and Preserve Court Admissible Files

  • Seal with a SHA 256-bit Secure Cryptographic Hash Algorithm & Timestamps using a certified Strathum-1 atomic clock


Desktop, Laptop, Tablet Webcam Video Recorder

  • Capture, Preserve, and Authenticate Evidence from Everywhere


Authenticated Desktop Screen Recording

  • Record court admissible video of evidence displayed on desktops with our screen video recorder (TOR, Windows, Mac, etc.)


Authenticated Webcam Recording

  • Webcam recording of court admissible evidence from crime scenes, interviews, and more.


Flexible Multi-Capture Settings Menu

  • Choose type of capture (None, Web, Full Scroll, Visible Screen Only) and/or Video Recording (None, Webcam, Desktop, Desktop + Webcam) desired. Select any Web capture + Video capture combination of options.


Full Scroll Recording

  • Used to capture lengthy website pages such as a Facebook Timeline or evidence that continues below the fold of a website page.


Visible Screen Only Recording

  • Record only what is visible within the capture screen frame.


Desktop Recording

  • Record what is presented on the desktop.


Desktop + Webcam Recording

  • Used to record yourself while capturing evidence.


Cross Platform – Windows & Mac

  • Built to run quickly and efficiently on both platforms


Cloud Storage

  • Stores all of your digital information is easy to use cloud storage for later use


Local Possession of Evidence

  • Directly export all digital evidence to your desktop instead of the cloud.



  • Leverage Access to an updated library of open-source Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Money Laundering, Terrorism Analysis Tools.


Flexible and Collaborative

  • Save, pause and come back to investigations. Collaborate with others.


Insert Evidence

  • Insert evidence directly into the report.


Export Evidence

  • Use one of several exporting format options.


Export Report

  • Export client-facing reports as PDF and Word Doc. Can be shared with others.


Create Customized White Label Reports

  • Get case reports done quicker, easier, and neater.



  • Got questions? Our U.S. based support team has answers. We’re here to enhance your Tomoko Discovery experience, boost your investigations, and set you up for success.

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Use Tomoko Discovery's SHA256 desktop and webcam recording feature during the transfer of cryptocurrency from the suspect's wallet to your department controlled wallet.

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